Aspengrove School’s talented group of teachers and staff promotes inquiry, creativity, initiative and quality in everything they ask of their students. Small class sizes allow teachers to build meaningful relationships that are so important to a child’s well-being and achievement.


Head of School Mrs. Jo-Anne Kingstone
Admissions Director Ms. Elisabeth Reay
Assistant Head of School, External Affairs Mr. David Hutchison
Assistant Head of School, Middle & Senior Divisions
DP Biology
Mrs. Sarah Marshall
Assistant Head of School, Junior Division Mrs. Wendy Robertson
Business Manager & Bond Programme Mrs. Candice Wiekenkamp
Office Administrator/Bookkeeper Mrs. Liz Simard
Office Administrators Miss Amy Swanton,  Mrs. Kate Lloyd and Mrs. Jenny Christenson
Junior Kindergarten Director Mrs. Amanda Lynch
Junior Kindergarten 3 + 4 Mrs. Alison Strobl
Junior Kindergarten 3 + 4 (Visual Arts, Drama) Ms. Taissia Gloukhova
Junior Kindergarten 3 + 4 (PE, Yoga) Ms. Yuko Ishii
Junior Kindergarten 3 + 4, Ms. Jessica Gutierrez
Junior Kindergarten 3 + 4, (Mandarin) Mrs. Teresa Chen
Junior Kindergarten 3 + 4 Ms. Jody Glanfield
Junior Kindergarten & OSC 3 + 4, (Outdoor Education) Mrs. Maria MacNeil
Out of School Programme OSC K-12 Mrs. Ashley Brand
Kindergarten Mrs. Sarah Vincent
Grade 1 Mrs. Nicole Kauwell, & Ms. Lynsey Taylor
Grade 2 & PYP Coordinator Mrs. Susan Riordan
Grade 2 Ms. Maggie Milligen
Grade 3 Ms. Barb Gemma
Grade 4 Ms. Mindy Elgie
Grade 5 Mrs. Andrea Godfrey
Music (Jr K-Gr.4), French (Jr K & KG) Mrs. Cathryn Gunn
MYP Coordinator, Grade 6 Homeroom, Social Studies 6, English 6 Ms. Nicole McDaid
MYP Math Ms. Liz Betteridge
Grade 7 Homeroom, Social Studies 7, English 7, PE 6, 8 & 9 Mrs. Jill Hutchison
Library Mrs. Heather Middleton
PE (K-Gr.2) Ms. Manon Van Wamel
PE (Gr. 3-5), Athletic Director Mr. Claude Therrien
MYP Fine Arts,IB Diploma Art, Design Technology Mrs. Catherine Hallam
DP Coordinator, IB Diploma Chemistry, TOK Coordinator Mr. Robert Ohly
French Gr. 1-7 Mrs. Kristina deJong
IB Diploma Spanish, French 8-10 Ms. Marleen Guffens
MYP Science 6 & 7 Mr. Aaron Grant
MYP Fine Arts, Music 5-9, Math 6 Mrs. Jill McElwain
Math 8-10, IB Diploma Math, CAS Coordinator Ms. Andrea Wyness
IB Diploma English, Planning 10, University Guidance Advisor, CAS Coordinator Ms. Jennifer Nahrgang
Science 8 – 10, IB Diploma Physics Mr. David Riendl
Grade 7 Homeroom, Personal Project Coordinator, Social Studies & Humanities 7, English 7, Theory of Knowledge Mr. J.O. Eriksson
Technology Coordinator, Math 7&8, Design Technology 6&7 Mr. Michael McCarney
MYP French (I teach G7-10) and Learning Support Coordinator Ms. Sarah Aikman
Social Studies 9-10, IB Diploma History, Extended Essay Coordinator Mr. Michael Vincent