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In Nanaimo we have a great recycling exchange we can go to dispose our recyclables. It’s called the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange. It’s located in central Nanaimo by Beban Park. The grade six class went there to learn about the facility. We learned about the machines and how they work, what they take and how it turns into other things, how to produce less garbage and lots more. I’m going to tell you about how the facility uses the three “R’s.”(Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).

Bubble Gum Wallet

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Our guide had a wallet made of bubble gum wrappers.


          The Nanaimo Recycling Exchange has an education center. Some of their staff goes to different schools to educate students about the earth’s climate. Last year, one of the staff came to talk to us. She told us to buy less packaged things and it will slow down global warming rates. This is very important because if people don’t know about this, global warming will start getting worse and worse until the end of the world.


If you look at the back end of the recycling exchange you will see a large yard of things. This is all the things that is perfectly good to use but someone put it in their recycling. You can go there and get things for a really cheap price. They have everything from old bicycles to lawn chairs and it’s a really good way to get things for a cheap price. I like this idea because


It is pretty obvious that the Nanaimo recycling exchange recycles things. These are just some of the things that they take: Wood waste, Glass, Dry wall, Styrofoam, All Plastics except for 3 & 6 because they catch fire and don’t melt properly, Porcelain, Tires, Batteries can’t be thrown away, Cd’s, Fluorescent light bulbs and Electronics.

If you want to see all the things they recycle click here.

All the recyclables are put through some different machines. For instance, all the Styrofoam is compressed. It’s made into either house trim or picture frames. Another machine is the bailer. They put large amounts of plastic in it and it compacts them into boxes. They weighed one of them and we saw that it was around 800 kilos. That’s a lot of plastic and some of it won’t even be able to be recycled.

Styrofoam Crusher

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This is the machine that they use to compress Styrofoam.

Road aggregate

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They turn glass into road aggregate

New location

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 The Nanaimo Recycling exchange is moving.

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