Admission Procedures

Thank you for considering making an application to Aspengrove; we try to make the process as simple and welcoming as possible. We ask that each family:

  • Meet with Ms. Elisabeth Reay, Admissions Director. Discuss how attending Aspengrove may benefit your child. Both parents must attend this meeting. Students in Grade 4 and older are also asked to attend.
  • Arrange a classroom observation. Parents and students sit in on a class together. Students in Grade 4 and up are strongly encouraged to visit a classroom for an entire morning.
  • Complete the online application form (please contact for a link).
  • Submit a non-refundable application fee of $250 per child (payment can be completed online here) and a copy of the child’s most recent report card (Grade 1 and up).
  • The admissions office will notify applicants, in writing, of their status within two weeks of the above steps being completed.

Aspengrove’s admission decisions are based on academic achievement (or potential), the qualities of each individual applicant, the determination of ‘fit’ of school to child and child to school, and the availability of space at each grade level.

For more information

Contact: Ms. Elisabeth Reay, Admissions
(250) 390-2201


Visit our Open House

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