The deadline for 2017-18 Scholarship applications has now passed.  Application for needs-based financial aid (bursaries) is ongoing and we encourage families who feel they need support to make an Aspengrove education available to them to learn more about submitting an application. 

Entrance Scholarships

A number of merit-based Entrance Scholarships are awarded to new applicants that possess qualities that represent the IB principles, and who have a record of high academic achievement, involvement in fine arts and athletics, an interest in community service and a commitment to the world around them. In short, we’re looking for strong students who want to contribute to their school community in a number of areas, not just the classroom.

Scholarships are open to students entering grades 6-11 in September (current grade 5-10 students), and in exceptional cases, grade 12 students coming from other IB schools.

Why Aspengrove?

Our parents told us the top reasons they chose Aspengrove for their childrens' education.

Entrance Scholarships are awarded as a reduction in tuition fees. All completed applications for Entrance Scholarship for September 2017 must be received in full by February 20, 2017 although early application is strongly encouraged as places for admission are extremely limited.

All scholarship applicants are invited to attend the Scholarship Exam Day on Monday, February 20 where they will write scholarship tests, tour the campus and be interviewed by a member of the school’s administrative team as a portion of their application. The results of this day will assist the school in awarding scholarships to 10 students entering grades 6-10 and five students entering the Diploma Program in grade 11. 

What is Scholarship Day?

On Monday February 20th we are hosting a scholarship day.

Scholarship day at Aspengrove has two purposes: to help you get to know the school better and to help us get to know the applicants better.

You will get a chance to see the school if you haven’t visited before. You can ask all the questions you want and hear from some students and teachers as well. We want you to feel comfortable and learn all you can about Aspengrove.

You will also be asked to write a scholarship test. It’s a general test of your ability in both Math and English/Language Arts. Together with your formal application for the school and your interview, the test results will help us select our scholarship recipients.

Each of the applicants will meet with one of our staff members for a brief interview where we will go over your application and get to know you a bit better as a person and as a student. You’ll also have a chance to ask any questions you might have as well.

The morning will begin at 9AM and you will be finished no later than 12:30, although please allow for a bit of flexibility in your timing.

Affording Aspengrove

How to Apply for a Scholarship

In order to be considered for an entrance scholarship students must:

1. Download and complete the Application package in PDF format: Entrance Scholarship Application 2017-2018. Email the completed package to no later than February 20, 2016, although sooner would be appreciated!

2. Complete the Aspengrove School on-line application

3. Register for and then Attend Scholarship exam day on Monday, February 20, 2016.

For More Information

For further information about Aspengrove School or about the Entrance Scholarship Program, please contact
our Director of Admissions, Ms Elisabeth Reay at (250) 390-2201, or by email at