Affording Aspengrove

Are you interested in making Aspengrove your school and taking advantage of the great things it has to offer? Are you the kind of student who likes challenges? Who contributes to your school life? Who wants to make a difference in their community? Are you looking for leadership opportunities?

If so, then you are the kind of student we are looking for.

We believe that education is one of the most important investments that families can make. But we also recognize that not every student who would benefit from an Aspengrove education is able to afford the full cost.

Here’s the good news: Many of our students receive some support to help their families afford Aspengrove. How does this happen?


A number of merit-based Entrance Scholarships are awarded to new applicants entering grades 8-11 who have a record of high academic achievement, involvement in fine arts and athletics, an interest in community service and a commitment to the world around them. In short, we’re looking for strong students who want to contribute to their school community in a number of areas, not just the classroom.

There are also a limited number of scholarships available to current Aspengrove students entering grades 8-11 in the coming year. 

More information or to apply for a scholarship.



Our financial aid program also includes bursaries which are open to students in all grades from K-12.

Bursaries are grants, not loans. They help families, based on need, and are never asked to repay them. They are provided through the generosity of families who want to help make your academic dream come true.

The bursary program helps support those families who might not otherwise be able to attend Aspengrove due to financial constraints. Aspengrove bursaries cover partial tuition fees. Students must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment to be eligible.

Families apply for a bursary by completing a confidential application that is assesed by an independent company, Apple Financial. A reccomendation is made to Aspengrove about the amount of support it is reasonable for a family to receive. The school’s bursary decisions are based on available resources and family needs.

For application forms and additional information, please contact Elisabeth Reay in our admissions office:

Aspengrove School

7660 Clark Drive
Lantzville, British Columbia
Canada V0R 2H0
Phone: (250) 390-2201
Fax: (250) 390-2281


Sibling Discounts

The school has a progressive sibling discount on tuition fees:

1st child Full fees
2nd & 3rd child 5% discount
Subsequent children 10% discount


Why Aspengrove?

Our parents told us the top reasons they chose Aspengrove for their childrens' education.