Annual Fund - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is a yearly appeal to the Aspengrove Community – to support and enhance excellence in our programs and deliver the transformative educational experience for our students that they deserve.

Should we really hold an Annual Campaign if we will soon be trying to raise money for a new school?

We think we should, yes.

There is a lot more to a great school than just a building. Our classrooms need technology, our bands need instruments, our classes all have great students who need financial aid to be here; there are all kinds of needs if we are to have the school of our dreams. And just because we want to build a new school these needs aren’t going to go away.

Any gift to the Annual Fund will support excellence in our classes, on our teams and in our many other programs. The funds will support things that will move with us when we have that incredible new building. The annual fund is also about connecting our supporters with their passions. It’s your opportunity to make Aspengrove your school, your way.

If you feel passionate about a new building and want to be a part of making that happen that’s absolutely fine. When you make a gift to the annual fund you can just tell us that is where you would like to direct it.

Thank you for considering a gift to the annual fund. Whether it is for the Head’s Fund, financial aid, or for a new building, you are making a difference for your children today.

I already pay fees and a bond - do you really want more?

We understand that for many parents an Aspengrove education requires great financial sacrifice and we thank you for all that you do in support of the School.

What you may not know is that the fees you pay do not cover the complete cost of an Aspengrove education and the bond was created to help build the school that you see today – not the school of tomorrow.

To enhance your child’s experience at the school, to see us add the facilities that will match the excellence in our classrooms – that is why the Annual Fund has been created.

Your gift can also ensure that deserving students are able to attend Aspengrove regardless of their economic background. Your gift can help support a young person whose family cannot afford the complete cost of our fees. You can make a powerful difference in a student’s life.

What has the Annual Fund done for my children?

The Annual fund makes a difference in your child’s life every day at school. Gifts from the Aspengrove Family have purchased computers for our classrooms, sponsored trips for our students, supported a family in need so their child could remain with us, purchased lab equipment for the science program, added art supplies, books for our library and classrooms, play equipment for the junior kindergarten, musical instruments for our band program…and much, much more.

Can I direct my gift?

You certainly can!

Many people choose to contribute an unrestricted gift to the Head’s Fund that is used in the area of greatest need at the time as directed by the Head of School but a number of people also choose to direct their gift to a program or area of the school that they feel passionately about. Check out the wish lists we have put together to make a directed gift, or name a program (e.g. JrK, MYP, soccer etc.) that you want to support.

And if you have another idea let’s talk about it. Drop by the advancement office and we can talk about your vision and how you want to support it.

Thank you for considering a gift to the annual fund.

I can't afford much - does my gift really help?

Absolutely! Large gifts are needed if we are to reach our goal, but the majority of gifts given are less than $1000. We recognize that every family’s ability to give is different – we only ask that you consider a gift that is meaningful, but within your means.

Your gift, whatever the size, makes a powerful statement about your support for Aspengrove and our students and together with others it will make a difference.

I'd love to help but the bond is all I can afford right now

We understand – it is a significant commitment. Some families have chosen to donate a portion, or even all, of their bond. They may do it all at once, or over a number of years as their annual gift. It makes a real difference to the financial health of the school and allows us to do so much more each year. There are significant tax advantages too – it will put money you might not see again for years into your hands today.

I'd like to give more but not all at once

You can give through pre-authorized charges to your credit card. In that way a small gift can grow over time. Consider a $25 per month gift on your credit card: In one year it would grow to a $300 gift – enough to purchase a needed piece of sporting equipment or support a student going on a school trip or tour.

If only ten people did this there would be enough money to offer a significant scholarship or bursary for a student.

Do I receive a tax receipt?

Yes, gifts to Aspengrove are eligible for a tax receipt.

And depending on how you make your gift there may be additional possibilities for tax savings as well!

How can I make a gift?

You have many options, ranging from simply completing our online form to paying by cheque.