Annual Fund 2016-17

Building Aspengrove's Future Together

What kind of school do you dream of?

There are lots of ways that families can get involved in shaping the future of Aspengrove and each of them is an important part of building the school we all dream of. Every day there are amazing things happening inside our classrooms as passionate teachers work with enthusiastic students. As wonderful as the school is, we all know that it could be more. And you can be a part of realizing a future that is more.

You might want to see an emerging role for technology in our classes. Perhaps expanding our sports facilities is your passion. You might dream of seeing another student who couldn’t normally afford Aspengrove get the same opportunity your son has. Maybe you can’t spend a lot of time at the school but you want to help in your daughter’s class today. Whatever your interest, today is the day you can get invovled.

The Annual Fund is all about the Aspengrove Community coming together to make a difference in the lives of our students and the continued development of our school.

I invite you to learn more about the Annual Fund and how you can make a difference today with a gift because together we can take Aspengrove from a good school to a great school for our children.

Can you help?

Do you want to learn more?

There are many ways to make a difference and participate in this year’s Annual Fund:

Head's Fund

The Head’s Fund is the most powerful way to make a difference at Aspengrove. You care about the school and want to see it grow stronger for your children and their classmates. You want to make an impact today but you’d rather leave it to Mrs.Kingstone to allocate your gift where it is most needed. The Head’s Fund gives the Head of School the flexibility to respond to immediate needs and opportunities as they arise. You’ll have a major impact and Aspengrove will be stronger for your support.



Financial Aid

Look around any Aspengrove classroom and you’ll find highly-engaged young learners working hard to take full advantage of the opportunities that they have been given here. You’ll also see students who would not be here without the generosity of others. The gift of financial aid ensures that your son or daughter will be joined by friends in their classes who make a special contribution each day. They make Aspengrove a better school adding to the classes, teams and activities that they join. But they can’t be here without you.



Aspengrove, Your Way

What’s your passion? Do you want to see something new in your son or daughter’s classroom, for their team or their arts program? Is there a specific area of the school that you’re inspired to support?

I want to make a difference!

Join in with the rest of the Aspengrove community and make a difference with your gift to the Annual Fund today.