Aspengrove Parents’ Association

Connection. Communication. Contribution. Community Building.

Building upon Aspengrove’s key values of curiosity, citizenship, courage, creativity and compassion; our focus includes:

  • building a strong community where parents support and connect with other parents.
  • uniting parents and teachers by fostering positive communication.
  • providing a resource for parents.
  • nurturing community involvement by providing various opportunities to participate/volunteer.

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The goal is to foster a strong community that supports and connects parents who are passionate about wanting to get involved in school initiatives, to increase awareness of volunteer opportunities, and  to inform about upcoming events such as the Hot Lunch dates and deadlines, the Used Uniform Sale, Terry Fox Run call for volunteers, etc.

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Hot Lunch Program (Updated Sept 12)

Dear Fellow Parents, We know firsthand how great it can be for your child to have a special hot lunch at school and for your family to have a break from preparing lunch! With this in mind, we are very excited to announce that the APA will be offering hot lunches twice...

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Our Mission

Aspengrove School challenges and inspires its community to act with purpose as compassionate, knowledgeable and principled global citizens.

The mission of the Aspengrove Parents’ Association is to foster communication amongst and provide support for all members of the Aspengrove community*, thus contributing to a positive, safe atmosphere in which our children may successfully learn, grow, and develop an aptitude for life-long learning.

*the Aspengrove community includes all parents, students, teachers and staff.


The APA’s executive team includes:

Kelly Williams

Kelly Williams


Kelly, her husband Matthew, and their son Alexander (JK4) have been part of the Aspengrove Community for the past year and a half. She is a Strategic Planner and is co-owner of a technology company that focuses on leveraging technology to create innovative solutions. Kelly believes strongly in the power of education and life-long learning, and enjoyed participating on the Aspengrove Strategic Planning Committee last year as well as taking part in various class activities.

Sarah Dhillon

Sarah Dhillon


Sarah, her husband Sat, and their children, Aurora (Kindergarten) and Jai (JK3) moved to Nanaimo and became a part of the Aspengrove community one year ago. Sarah is a Certified Financial Planner professional, specializing in financial literacy, who is currently focusing on her role as family CEO. She is excited to be a part of the Aspengrove Parents’ Association as it seeks to further strengthen Aspengrove’s excellent sense of community and commitment to the spirit of inquiry.

Aileen Saunders

Aileen Saunders

Volunteer Coordinator

Aileen and her husband Sean have been involved since Aspengrove School’s inception, as one of the founding families. Their children are currently in grade 8 (Megan), grade 6 (Nicole) and grade 4 (Daniel). Aileen practices dentistry at the Lantzville Dental Clinic, has lived on Vancouver Island for over 21 years from Edmonton, Alberta, and has enjoyed volunteering at the school as well as at her children’s many extracurricular activities.

Genevre Hashimoto

Genevre Hashimoto


Genevre and her husband Craig have been part of the Aspengrove community for the past four years. Their son Tyce is now in Grade 1. Genevre’s educational background is in journalism; however, she switched careers a few years ago and is happy making dogs beautiful at a local dog grooming salon. Genevre looks forward to participating in all the Aspengrove clubs and activities as her son grows.

Elisabeth Reay

Elisabeth Reay

School Liason

Elisabeth Reay oversees Aspengrove’s admissions process for the school. She leads parents on tours, answers their questions and works to heighten awareness of  Aspengrove School to both the local and worldwide communities. Ms. Reay comes to Aspengrove with more than 20 years of experience in administration and customer service in the legal and insurance sectors.

Jane Mowry:  Volunteer Coordinator

Jane has been part of the Aspengrove community for 11 years. Currently her grandchildren are in Grade 6 (Teddy), Grade 2 (Brittannia) and Kindergarten (Mariah).  Being retired, she can give more time when needed. In the past she helped with the Book Fair, used uniform locker, and transporting players to games and cheering them on. Volunteering is rewarding!


Volunteers are the lifeblood of our great community and help make Aspengrove the warm and inviting school that it is today. Getting involved with the APA is an excellent way to meet fellow parents and interact with faculty and staff, while enriching your child’s experience.

We invite you to get involved in your Aspengrove community. Together, we create amazing events for our fellow families and children to enjoy. There are a variety of opportunities to get involved, whether you have a few hours or many hours to offer. Below is a list of some of the events looking for support. However, we are always looking for help in areas that may not be listed. If you are interested in a specific event or a general area, please visit the online parent volunteer form. Please check back often as the list will be updated regularly.  

Calendar of Events

Opportunities for parents to get involved in helping the school


APA Volunteer Sub-Committee Ongoing
Library Assistance Wednesday & Thursday mornings – ongoing
Lost & Found – Once a week Once a week – ongoing
Hot Lunches – Once a month Once a month – ongoing
AGS Musical Ongoing til May
Intercultural Day February 21
Photo Day April 15
AGS Fun Run May 25

See the full AGS Calendar online.