Aspengrove Parents’ Association

Connection. Communication. Contribution. Community Building.

All parents or guardians of children attending Aspengrove School are members of the Aspengrove Parents’ Association.

Building upon Aspengrove School’s key values of curiosity, citizenship, courage, creativity and compassion; our focus includes:

  • building a strong community where parents support and connect with other parents.
  • uniting parents and teachers by fostering positive communication.
  • providing a resource for parents.
  • nurturing community involvement by providing various opportunities to participate/volunteer.

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    Our Mission

    Aspengrove School challenges and inspires its community to act with purpose as compassionate, knowledgeable and principled global citizens.

    The mission of the Aspengrove Parents’ Association is to foster communication amongst and provide support for all members of the Aspengrove community*, thus contributing to a positive, safe atmosphere in which our children may successfully learn, grow, and develop an aptitude for life-long learning.

    *the Aspengrove community includes all parents, students, teachers and staff.

    Aspengrove Parents’ Association Leadership Team

    Chair:  Kelly Williams

    Vice Chair: Sarah Dhillon

    Secretary: Genevre Hashimoto

    Volunteer Director: Aileen Saunders

    Volunteer Coordinators: Julia Ohly, Joanna Zheng, Teresa Zhang and Hao Liu

    Environmental Coordinator: Nikki Tremblay

    Event Coordinator:  TBD

    School Liaison: Elisabeth Reay

    Student Council Liaisons:  Charlotte Taylor, Max Zhu

    Hot Lunch Coordinators: Dawn King, Erin Setch, Deb Lassu, Iva Bland

    Used Uniform Coordinator: Helen Taylor

    Cambridge Uniform Coordinator: Michele Luscombe

    Found and Misplaced Coordinators: Iva Bland, Helen Taylor

    Faculty Appreciation Lunch Coordinators: Jennifer Muldowney, Christina Rice


    Volunteers are the lifeblood of our great community and help make Aspengrove the warm and inviting school that it is today. Getting involved with the APA is an excellent way to meet fellow parents and interact with faculty and staff, while enriching your child’s experience.

    We invite you to get involved in your Aspengrove community. Together, we create amazing events and support many initiatives that benefit our fellow families and children. There are a variety of opportunities to get involved, whether you have a few hours to spare or many. You can find information, about how you can get involved and provide support, listed below or or by visiting the Aspengrove Parents’ Association Facebook Page. We are also always looking for help in areas that may not be listed. If you are interested in a specific event or a general area, please visit the online parent volunteer form. Please check back often as the list will be updated regularly.  

    Calendar of Events

    Opportunities for parents to get involved in helping the school


    APA Volunteer Sub-Committee Ongoing
    Library Assistance Wednesday & Thursday mornings – ongoing
    Lost & Found – Once a week Once a week – ongoing
    Hot Lunches – Twice a month Twice a month – ongoing
    AGS Musical Ongoing until March
    Intercultural Day February 21
    Photo Day April 15
    AGS PYP Fun Run May 25

    See the full AGS Calendar online.