Grade 11 Aspengrove students have been incredibly busy for the past 24 hours.  After a four hour trip to Bamfield Marine Station yesterday,  students conducted abiotic measurements in the ocean and dragged for plankton, studied live specimens in eight invertebrate phyla, fertilized sand dollar eggs and watched the first cycles of division, identified plankton samples and conducted beach tidal pool surveys. Students are taught by lab instructors who are incredibly passionate about their field whether it is porifera (sponges) or plankton. The goal is for teams of cross-disciplinary science students to design, execute, analyze and communicate an original research project, the Group 4 Project. Two of the current ideas include testing the tensile strength of seaweed when exposed to different temperatures of water and hermit crab startle response in different environments. Aspengrove students are learning, having fun and working hard! Stay tuned for student posts.

— Mrs. Marshall