AGS 2017 alumnus Sarah Reay is a student at UBC Okanagan in Kelowna, a school she chose as it offered a smaller community than some of the other universities she was considering, like U of Toronto. Sarah liked the small-school feel that reminded her of Aspengrove in some ways!

Today Sarah met with our grade 10 students to share her experience and offer some advice for university. There’s no doubt that being an IB student at Aspengrove gave her better preparation for university than many of her UBC classmates:

“University is about the same amount of stress and work as my Diploma courses at Aspengrove – it was great to be able to get used to it at home where I had so much support. It has made the transition to university much easier. Not having to take first-year English because of my DP English credits also made first year much easier!”


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