Charlotte,  winner of the 2019 Islands Short Fiction Award

We are very proud to let you now that one of our very own, Charlotte T., who established herself as a playwright last year, has been awarded first prize in the youth category for the 2019 Islands Short Fiction Contest.

The Islands Short Fiction Contest is a collaboration by the Nanaimo Arts Council, Vancouver Island Regional Library, and Vancouver Island University Creative Writing Department. Charlotte received a monetary award and her story will be published in their anthology later this year.

Here is what Lee Losell, the judge for the 2019 Islands Short Fiction Contest, Youth Category, said of Charlotte story, Calm Before the Storm

“This beautifully written piece begins with a low tension that builds throughout the story until we arrive at an end that we suddenly realize was inevitable. The sparse but realistic dialogue, and the seemingly innocuous scenes of a family arriving at their beach house for what should be just another family vacation, belie the unnerving sense that something is very wrong under the surface. With beautifully paced writing, the reader is slowly drawn into the increasingly detached inner world of the protagonist who seems to be seeing familiar things as if for the first time, and with some discomfort. And this new vision propels us along with her, towards her ultimate loss of control.”

More information can be found on the Contest Website: