Grade 7 students displayed their inquiry-based research projects today in the Aspengrove School Science Fair. The fair offers another opportunity for students to work independently on a project of significant scope, designing a problem and undertaking the experimental work to answer their question. The fair is an important stepping stone en route to the grade 10 personal project a few years down the road, as well is the Independent Investigations undertaken by Diploma Science Students in grade 12.

Projects were varied including: looking at chemical reaction rates in glow sticks, ferromagnetic fluids, teaching styles and short term memory, biomechanics as influenced by the shaft length of a golf driver, an investigation into the purpose for humans’ “wrinkly when wet skin,” training to increase hockey shot strength, and many more.

Presenting as a graduate student would at a professional conference, the grade 7s shared their work with members of the grade 8 class who had the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback on the work. 

Thank you to Mr. Grant and students for an inspiring event!