Design 8: Students in Design 8 have been working hard all term creating amazing stop motion films around the theme of ‘Community’ for their end of year unit. They created their own storyboard, did all their character and set design, filming and editing. Here are some links to just a couple of them:
1) ‘Jiminy’ by Serena Z. and Maya H. 
Jiminy takes a walk through his town and sees Janis move in next door. A flood sweeps away his home and leaves it broken. Janis sees that he is in trouble and brings the whole community together to rebuild his house.

2) ‘Refuge’ by Solomon Y. and Krescyn M.
A refugee from Myanmar goes to France and was not sponsored by any families. He feels unwelcome and does not fit in with the locals. He soon finds a group of people who are from Myanmar and countries who share a culture similar to his. They offer for him to live with them. They become friends and he finally feels welcome.

3) ‘Dieppe’ by: Sullivan L. and Mateo C.
We chose to recreate Dieppe because it is a less known Canadian story similar to D day. We think this is a community because a lot of the brave soldiers were from the same areas and cities and were in the same community so they knew each other well and were close together and when something would happen to somebody it would affect the fellow soldiers and the people back in their communities waiting at home.

Design 6: Students in Design 6 participated in several end of year design challenges one of which was to create ‘Art Bots.’ They persevered and the results were so much fun. Here is a video of the artbots creating the final masterpiece!

— Ms. C. Hallam, Design Teacher