Science teacher Mr. Norm Kaethler wanted to give his students a real life scientific experience – so he decided to raise Coho salmon fry in his classroom. It was a great experience for his students that culminated today in releasing the fry into a nearby salmon-bearing stream.

We are often asked what make Aspengrove special? Certainly teachers like “Mr. K” who bring their passions and expertise to the classroom are one key feature. We also talk about culture, community and family. Today Mr. K’s grade 9 students invited Ms. Grey’s grade 1 class along to help them release the fry. High school students and elementary students working together in community. That kind of interaction can happen all the time. We’re a junior k – grade 12 school and we work purposefully and intentionally to foster this kind of community. It’s great for the grade 1 students, who have positive and supportive relationships like we saw today, and it’s great for the grade 9 students who learn about leadership, caring, empathy and so much more.

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