The District of Lantzville Parks and Recreation Commission approached Aspengrove School with the idea of a community project for students to participate in. The project was to research and design an interpretive sign to be placed on the Copley Ridge Trail in Upper Lantzville. Ms Andrea Wyness, the Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) Coordinator was excited about the idea as it fits perfectly with the aim of the programme.  

CAS is at the heart of the IB Diploma Programme and is a “compulsory and essential part of the philosophy of the programme.” Three students, then in Grade 11, enthusiastically undertook the project. After hiking the 8km trail (Action), Stephen, CJ and Amanda were inspired by the woodpecker holes they saw in trees and wanted to learn more. They researched and designed a sign about woodpeckers that would appeal to all ages (Creativity), they presented their design at a meeting of the Lantzville Parks and Recreation Commission where members were impressed by the students’ professionalism both in their presentation and their design (Service to the Community).  The sign can now be found in two places along the Copley Ridge Trail.