Updated Monday AM – We did it! Details below.

We have raised $2000 with our sale of Create shirts for Monday’s visit by the Tour de Rock. We thank everyone who got involved – and now we would love to do more. 

Three staff members have volunteered to shave their heads in support of this important cause if our school community can raise a bit more than we have thusfar.

  • Mr. Hutchison will shave his head if we raise just $1,000 more – to bring our total to $3,000. DONE! WE have crossed the $1000 mark, thank you!
  • Mr. Eriksson will also shave his head if we raise $2,000 more – to bring our total to $4,000. Update Friday: Up to $1810 – only a bit more to go to get Mr. E. under the clippers!
  • And the one we trust you’d all like to see (as would we!), Mrs. Kingstone will shave her head if we can raise an additional $3000 to increase our total to $5,000. And yes, if we meet this level all three staff members will face the clippers. We did it! Thank you to everyone who joined in making a gift! $6000 total with little bits still coming in.

This is no small offer from Mrs. K, who will be addressing the new Heads of School from across the country at a CAIS event the following week!

So please, consider a gift to the Tour de Rock through the Aspengrove fundraising page. You’ll get a tax receipt from the Canadian Cancer Society, you’ll make an incredible impact in the lives of young people who are living with Cancer, and the entire community will be reminded of the importance of this event when we enjoy seeing one, two and we hope all three of these staff members fulfil their pledge!



Please join us in taking on the Head

(of School) Shave Challenge!

Please take a few minutes to enjoy this video that shares some of the important work done at Camp Goodtimes, who are supported by the Tour de Rock.