When choosing a school, it can be difficult to weigh all your options. Not every school is the right fit for every student, and we understand that. However, if you’re an engaged student with a desire to excel both personally and academically, then Aspengrove may be the perfect fit. We might be a little biased, but we love this school! Read on to understand how it could be right for you.

1. You’ll feel challenged and inspired

When we speak to students and parents, the number one reason they chose Aspengrove was the challenging and inspiring environment. This also happens to be the primary reason, in general, that people choose independent schools across North America. We’re certain that you’ll feel the same way.

2. IB will prepare you for the world

International Baccalaureate (IB) offers many benefits to students, but one of the biggest pluses is the communal understanding between teachers, students, and parents as to why and how they are learning. This refreshing sense of purpose prepares students for school, university, and life beyond school.

3. Aspengrove is much more than academics

Of course, the Aspengrove curriculum and IB are both designed to prepare students academically. But Aspengrove is so much more than just math and science. We offer a variety of courses beyond the core subjects, including performing arts, athletics, outdoor education, and even community involvement. Looking for sports and clubs? We’ve got those too – there are more than 50 opportunities for students to learn outside of class.

4. You’ll have individual attention

Aspengrove offers small class sizes, and boasts an extraordinary faculty, with teachers who are passionate about their students and their subjects. We’re pleased to note that our students are passionate about the teachers, in turn. A Student Resource Centre and a full-time Learning Strategist also strengthen the learning environment for students, whether they need extra attention for their academics or whether they’re just interested in learning more.

5. The Aspengrove community is supportive and engaging

Aspengrove is committed to providing a safe and supportive space for students. It’s a school where students can take risks and learn resilience, and where fellow students are supportive and positive. We also have one of Canada’s most experienced university guidance counsellors. He and his department supports students every step of the way. The Aspengrove community provides an ideal environment within which to tackle academic and personal challenges.

6. You’ll be prepared for university

At Aspengrove, 100% of graduates are admitted to a post-secondary institutions of their choice. Yes. That’s right: every single one. And we offer students much more preparation than just academics and acceptance letters; Aspengrove prepares students emotionally for university as well. They arrive at university ready to take on the challenge, fully prepared. Attending Aspengrove works as a kind of stepping stone for students, as they tackle a challenging academic program while still living at home to prepare for university, and potentially moving away.

7. Aspengrove is fun!

Student life at Aspengrove is like no other! The clubs and extracurriculars are vast, and exciting: no matter your interests, there will be a club and community for you. Imagine being able to learn photography, robotics, mountain biking, and travel to Cuba —all through your school! Plus, there are outdoor trips for students from grades 5 through 12, and the highly-regarded Bamfield research trip is always a highlight for eleventh-graders.

8. The teachers

Don’t take it from us — hear it straight from our students. 

Aspengrove is an independent non-denominational, co-ed, university prep school. We are located in Lantzville, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island. And we welcome your interest and questions about what we offer. We encourage you to get in touch to find out more great reasons why Aspengrove could be right for you.


Visit Aspengrove

Come to our next Open House. Meet teachers and students, see classes engaged in learning, tour our 40-acre campus.

Join us for our next open house

The best way to learn what Aspengrove could be like for your family is to join us at one of our open houses. Meet teachers and students, see classes engaged in learning, tour our 40-acre campus and more.

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