We are proud that out of more than 5,000 Grade 12 students across Canada, 2 of our Aspengrove students are semi-finalists for $100,000 scholarships from the Loran Scholars Foundation. This is an amazing achievement, and only 36 students across Canada will be awarded Loran scholarships.

Every year, the Loran Scholars Foundation assesses over 5,000 Grade 12 applicants for a $100,000 university scholarship, applicable at 25 partner universities. It is one of the most comprehensive and thorough scholarship selection processes in Canada.

While academics are an integral part of the assessment process, the Loran scholarship is awarded to students who also demonstrate integrity, courage, grit, and personal autonomy. We recently interviewed semi-finalists Aujin (pictured) and Anneke (see video below) as they prepared for regional interviews in Victoria in the next phase of the process:

Explain the process for applying for the Loran Scholarship?

You write a number of essays on a variety of topics. Writing is fortunately a strength of mine, but I have a heavy workload between school and sports, and I knew the application process would take a lot of time. So, I started working on my essays as soon as the application period opened. As a semi-finalist, I will spend a full day interviewing in Victoria, which will involve both one-on-one and panel interviews. As a semi-finalist I will be notified by December 20 if I have made it as a finalist. So, I’m hoping I will receive good news; that would be an early Christmas present!

How has Aspengrove School prepared you for this application process?

I feel Aspengrove has helped me develop into a well-rounded individual, by providing a variety of opportunities to develop different aspects of myself. I’ve had a holistic experience here, through volunteering, music, sports, student council. There have been many opportunities to develop my leadership skills and character. Also, I’m accustomed to a busy schedule. I have developed a strong work ethic and have learned how to manage my time well.

What would it mean to you to win this scholarship towards your next steps of attending university?

I have worked so hard towards my goals, so this would be validation that my hard work is paying off. Of course a scholarship would help alleviate the financial pressures of university too. Knowing the scholarship can be used at all the universities I’ve applied to could open many doors for me. There are many choices, and whatever path I go on, I have a goal to always remember to feed my mind, body, and soul – through education, fitness, and making time for myself.  I’m looking forward to what the future holds.




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