Written by Krescyn Moonsamy, Aspengrove School Student

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is chalked full of various projects both written and visual. This being said, it is crucial to have access to numerous literary texts for study. Below you will find some of the most reliable online resources for research, projects, presentations, graphic design, and reading.


The internet is a powerful resource; however, the ease of publication allows sites to publish misleading information. EBSCO is a massive database of research documents, articles, reports books, audiobooks, and many other text types. These sources have been vetted to ensure credibility and reliability in your research. 

Did you know the school has an EBSCO account? Ask Ms. McDaid in the library for the login credentials!

Google Scholar

Google Scholar, much like standard Google is a search engine, but contains only reliable scholarly articles following a keyword search. This allows you to further narrow your search for different time periods, scientific journals, and texts by certain authors. 

Google slides

Presentations are commonplace, and google slides allow efficient and effective creation of presentations for projects or proposals online and offline. There are several themes, transitions, slide layouts, and the direct addition of images among a plethora of other creation tools. The ease of collaboration in group projects is another essential aspect.


Google slide templates can get monotonous at times, and it is essential to have a stand out aspect to your presentation to set it apart from others. Slides go allows one to download slide templates with new backgrounds and icons that

augment your presentation to the next level. You can search specific themes or look broadly at larger topics helping you find the perfect fit.


From posters to infographics to flyers, piktochart is your one-stop-shop for all. The platform allows one to utilize searched templates or build one from scratch. It is straightforward to use, allowing for the addition of your own images. The final products will always look professional, especially with tools helping to align text and pictures.

Natural reader

While reading over your work is mandatory, hearing your words allows the understanding of the flow of your sentences and grammar to a greater extent. Natural reader is a text-to-speech app beneficial for reading and proofreading text. It can be used on google docs, pdfs, and many web pages. The use of text to speech helps to retain information when listening and following along. The platform can also convert the spoken contents to audio mp3 files.


As aforementioned, audible information is well retained; thus the importance of audiobooks cannot be underestimated. Audible is the premier supplier of high-quality audiobooks with a vast library of over 470 000 books. It does have a membership fee; however, with 189 million members, it is clear the benefit outweighs the cost.

Using EBSCO, Google Scholar, Google Slides, slides go, piktochart, Natural Reader, and Audible will allow you to most effectively research, create and understand the diversity of materials provided.

Good luck!

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