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September 7, 2018 eNews – Letter from Mrs. Kingstone


Dear Aspengrove Families,

In my readings this week, I came across this very short article about “the benefits of living like a craftsperson.” My favourite passage from this reflection is this:

“While most people approach their work with the mindset that they just want to get it done, craftspeople are more concerned with who they are becoming and what they are creating rather than how fast they finish it…The craftsperson is only thinking about building his work with love…when you care about your work you stand out… caring leads to success.”

When I think about what we do every day—especially as parents and teachers—I can’t help but think about the power of living like a craftsperson. Parenting and teaching are not exact sciences, nor should our children or students be considered end products of our creation. That being said, I certainly believe as a community we dedicate ourselves to our work with love, thus bringing us closer to achieving the success of the true craftsperson.

Here we are at the end of the first week of a new school year, at the beginning of another opportunity to engage in our work together with love. And there is plenty of good work to be done. Thank you to everyone who contributed to a successful opening of school, Aspengrove’s 16th! From welcoming new families to flipping pancakes and celebrating house spirit, we have, once again, begun building towards success.

As you know, there are always a few announcements to share:

I want to draw your attention to the shift in timing for the Christmas Concert. In the interest of finishing a bit earlier in the evening, this year the concert will begin at 4:00pm. We will still host this annual holiday celebration at the Port Theatre. Given their schedule, however, the concert will occur on Wednesday, December 12th—which leaves a full day of school on Thursday and a half day on Friday until the term ends and we begin our holiday (December 14th).
Thanks to all for your patience as we try out our new drive through lane for morning drop off. We will continue to refine this in the coming weeks. Please remember to pull up as far as possible before stopping to let your children out onto the curb. Safety is most important and we ask that you all exercise caution and care on Clark Drive and in the lot. There is, really, no need to hurry.
Grade 5-9 students will be getting an invitation through MySchool to complete their Exploratory choices by the end of day Tuesday, September 12th. Please be sure to submit this important information on time.
As promised last week, the Aspengrove Parents’ Association and Hot Lunch Coordinator, Dawn King, have created an improved program for lunches for this year. Please read their letter outlining the important details. This is just the beginning!

There is lots going on next week—the details are on the website calendar as well as in the remainder of this E-News.

Many thanks again for a wonderful first week of school.

Warm regards,