Two groups of grade 5 students enjoying the moments after their first presentations for this year’s Exhibition. The day is a celebration of months of hard work and inquiry, working closely with a faculty mentor. As Mrs. Kingstone’s blog today notes, the topics were all impressive for such a young group of students!


Have you ever wondered how architecture, dance or music influences our emotions or decisions? Have you ever considered how many of our food choices are connected to culture? Have you worried about the impact of artificial intelligence on our lives? Or the number of household pets who are neglected by their owners? Or how the health of our forests are under serious threat because of over-development? Well, in the last five weeks the grade 5 class has thought about, researched, discussed and tested assumptions and questions about all of these topics. The Grade 5 Exhibition (the culmination of our PYP inquiry skills development) was held on Thursday of this week: students, teachers and families gathered throughout the day to hear about the inquiry journeys of these young researchers. It was a truly amazing day! Presentations were engaging, thoughtful, creative and humorous. Many thanks to Mrs. Godfrey for her leadership and to all of the mentors for shepherding our grade 5s through to the completion of this significant project.
This week we also saw the completion of our “speech season” with the grade 7 speeches being presented on Tuesday. Grades 4 and 5 went over to Vancouver last week to compete in the ISABC competition. And the week before that, our grade 6s finished their speech competition. Public speaking is an important part of our program and students learn early at Aspengrove how to formulate an idea and present it clearly and with confidence. The Exhibition and Personal Projects (the grade 10s completed these in April) certainly benefit from this early training in public presentations. Thank you to those teachers who worked with our students on their speeches—and to parents who spent time with their children at home practicing and perfecting their delivery. On Monday, the grade 7s will present their science fair project—another extended exercise using research and presentation skills.
On Monday, the grade 11s will host an assembly with a focus on health and wellness. This is a CAS (Creativity, Action and Service—part of the diploma program curriculum) project undertaken by three students. These students have planned an entire week of activities to help MYP/DP students consider different attitudes and approaches to managing personal and community health and wellness. On Wednesday, the group presented their plan to the MYP/DP teachers and we were all impressed with the quality of their care, focus and preparation. We are grateful to have such thoughtful students as part of our community. And these three really represent the whole!

Our grade 12 students are in the midst of their final Diploma Program (DP) exams, we know they have been well prepared by their teachers and they have dedicated a good deal of energy in their own preparation. We wish them well.
We hope to see you all on May 12th for our Evening Under the Stars dinner here on campus. Please don’t hesitate to call the office if you have any questions.
Enjoy your weekend.

Jo-Anne Kingstone
Head of School