Please Return your Library Books

We will be completing our annual inventory and ask that all library books be returned to the library. Students may keep their textbooks until after their final exams and the hand their textbooks into their subject teachers. Other library books should be returned before June 6th. Thank you.

Please have a good look for any lost books. Notices will be going home after June 6th; any books that are not returned by the final week of school, will need to be replaced by the families of the students who have borrowed the books before the end of the school year.  

A reminder for students in the Middle Years and Diploma Programs who are using textbooks to study with friends, please make sure you have your own copy of your textbook to hand back to your subject teacher following your exams.   

Diploma Year One students will be able to keep any of their textbooks that they need as they are working in a two-year program.

Congratulations to our Graduating Diploma students!  Please make sure that your assigned copy of your textbook has been returned.

We wish you all a wonderful summer!  Please check out the Vancouver Island Regional Library Summer Reading programs! Thank you.