Grade 5 students celebrate the end of exhibition. Congratulations students for an incredible journey and impressive performances.

Yesterday marked the culmination of the most significant portion of the grade five year in the PYP Exhibition. A ‘rite of passage’ that marks the transition from PYP to MYP, the exhibition is a unique feature of the International Baccalaureate  program where students demonstrate their learning through a significant research project and public presentation.

According to the IBO’s Exhibition Guidelines, the key purposes of the exhibition are:

  • for students to engage in an in-depth, collaborative inquiry
  • to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate independence and responsibility for their
  • own learning
  • to provide students with an opportunity to explore multiple perspectives
  • for students to synthesize and apply their learning of previous years and to reflect upon their journey
  • through the PYP
  • to provide an authentic process for assessing student understanding
  • to demonstrate how students can take action as a result of their learning
  • to unite the students, teachers, parents and other members of the school community in a collaborative
  • experience that incorporates the essential elements of the PYP
  • to celebrate the transition of learners from primary to middle/secondary education.
Exhibition is the culmination of a journey parents and students have taken together through the PYP at Aspengrove.

Exhibition is the culmination of a journey parents and students have taken together through the PYP at Aspengrove.

To see a group of students take an audience through a 30-minute presentation of their findings and engage their audience in participatory activities from questionnaires to dance lessons was impressive indeed. An experience that would leave many adults feeling nervous, our students managed it with a confidence and professionalism beyond their years.

Yesterday the grade five students had two opportunities to present their work which included such diverse topics as the telephone, video games, hunting, fashion and dance – al under the guiding theme of how we express ourselves in the world. During the school-day they presented to parents, staff and a number of classes while after a celebratory BBQ in the evening the final presentations took place for staff, friends and family.

Special thanks and congratulations to grade five teacher Mrs. Godfrey, to Assistant Head Mrs. Robertson and all the students’ mentor teachers for their support and guidance for our students along this incredible journey.

For more photos please visit Mrs. Godfrey’s class blog.


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