In April, Aspengrove’s Director of University Guidance, Mr. Jim Kingstone, along with University of Washington Admissions Counsellor Ms. Sabrina Moss gave a presentation on navigating the university admissions process for the community. 
Although lacking the context brought by our two very experienced presenters – we have provided a link to their slides here. 
The second part of the presentation included some writing instruction related to the content and construction of personal statements and college essay, and Mr. Kingstone will be hosting a workshop early in September for students to expand this requirement of the application. In October, Ms. Moss Mr. Kingstone will also be running a workshop for parents and students in Grade 12 that delivers practical information and an exercise on evaluating the quality of applications.
If you are interested in more information about Aspengrove’s university guidance program, please contact Mr. Kingstone who will be happy to answer any questions.
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