Image above courtesy of Dirk Heydemann, event photographer. More images to follow!

The Class of 2018 graduated yesterday in a wonderful ceremony that marked the end of the school year and celebrated their Aspengrove careers in front of friends, family, staff and students. Some have been with us for two years, joining Aspengrove specifically for the IB Diploma program, while others have been with us for their entire school careers. Those five Aspengrove ‘lifers’ have been Aspengrove Students since Kindergarten – and in two cases, junior kindergarten at age 3! 

They now head in a variety of directions to pursue their individual passions from engineering to business to medical school and more. We wish them all success and happiness – and look forward to welcoming them home whenever they visit as they will always remain a part of the Aspengrove Family.

Photos from the ceremony available for download:

Heydemann Art of Photography images

David Hutchison images