Where are we from: a poem composed by the grade 7 class and read at their closing ceremony on Friday June 5


Where are we from?

We are the Grade 7s from Aspengrove School.

We are from soccer on the small field at recess

We are from Portugal, Italy, China, and pizza and dumplings

We are from “Where we landing, boys?”       

We are from Retail Row and Salty Springs

We are from we our from Tilted Towers

We are safety man and danger man

We are from cold, snowy soccer games.

We are from accidental invitations to teachers to play video games

We are form  math textbooks

We are from South Africa and Ireland,

from Disneyland vacations, from fast cars and from the runaway dog

We are from Ireland and Wales,

from cold nights, loud tents and hot chocolate at tribune bay.

We are from a hard, tiring triathlon

We are from an exciting, and adventurous track and field meet.

We are from water fights with the Grade 6s (our natural enemies) at Rathtrevor Beach

We are from playing capture the flag.

We ARE THE flossing banana gods.

We are from long bike rides through the forest  

We are from the fortnite bush  

We are from Chinese food and video games

We are from early morning practices

We are from Scotland and England,

From basketball games

We are from late night homework

We are from Warhammer, from ps4, from xbox

We are from hard work and determination

We are from Bosnia and Herzegovina

From the need to obsessively make pop culture references and belting out the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody.

We are from quoting band lyrics and welcoming people to Chili’s.

We are from getting too attached to fictional characters and being overwhelmingly passionate about movies and books.

We are from the late night dinners, and extremely bad puns.

From getting stuck in tables and “Hurricane Tortilla”.

We are from Calgary, from blue sunglasses and necessary! exclamation marks.

We are from wiggling ears and squeaking eyes.

We are from throwing Brooklyn in the ocean at Tribune Bay.

We are from scaring too many people by whispering “It’s Free Real Estate” in their ear.

We are from unique sentences using magnets on the whiteboard.

We are from Star Wars discussions with substitute teachers.

We are from stealing tires from each other on the field.

We are from Nigeria,

From winning 4x100m relays.

We are from getting in trouble by Safety Sarah

We are from The Netherlands and Bermuda,

From pelting paintballs at Mrs. Mont and eating hot dogs

We are from memes on Monday and Tuesday

We are from there is no point worrying about something that may never happen,

We are from “you will learn from your mistakes.”

We are from tad phai and “let’s do the couples yoga pyramid thing to get the balloon!”

We are from suggesting songs on Fun Night and then singing at the top of our lungs

We are from Korea (South and North),

From hurting Mrs. Mont’s mental position and BMW’s intelligent all wheel drive

We are “on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend”

We are from Friday movie nights.

We are from fuzzy cute puppies and weird cat that says too much.

We are from Russia, Canadia, Greece and Alberta

We’re from pasta that I don’t even know about but I eat it anyway

We are from iguanas named Charily and Chappy that like to eat chicken fingers

We are from our weird yet rare classroom

We are from overeating food

We are from America,

from being overloaded with homework and still procrastinating

We are from getting too emotional at Marvel movies.

We are from crazy field trips and hyper classmates

We are from the loudest lunchtimes

We are from playing random music on the class piano

We are from snowball fights and climbing trees

We are from foggy, moist, British Columbia

We are from the coffee and ice cream and family summers

From “pick up your room!” and “what goes around comes around”

We are from sea to sea, fish and mashed potatoes

We are the Grade 7s from Aspengrove School.