One of the most-talked about parts of Aspengrove School culture is our students’ ability to speak in front of large groups. From the first assembly in junior kindergarten, students get regular opportunities to address the entire school. Assemblies are student-led, even graduation. On any given Monday you could see a pair of grade 1 students MC-ing, or a grade 11 paired up with a grade 3. Because it’s a part of our DNA at Aspengrove and everyone has been through it, there is a confidence that you are supported by your fellow students when it is your turn. Of course our youngest students are often accompanied by a teacher as they step up to the microphone. But the words are theirs and the room is silent as every student respects the courage it takes for a 3-year old to address the entire school and the dozens of parents who join us each week.
So when Kindergarten student Alex W. was invited to speak in front of 3500 delegates at The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) conference recently, he accepted with confidence – and was invited to return next year. Alex’s parents shared this with us in a note of thanks to Alex’s junior kindergarten teacher who gave him his start with public-speaking, “Huge praise and thanks for Alison Strobl and the amazing opportunities, guidance and support she gave Alex. She is truly an amazing teacher.”
Alex is a part of Aspengrove’s lego robotics club and will without doubt become a leader in Aspengrove’s development of technology and robotics in the coming years.