The Grade 4 class took to the forest and trails of Aspengrove on Friday, June 1st and Saturday, June 2nd for a day full of outdoor adventure. This was the first year for this type of outdoor education experience for our Grade 4s. Intended to give the students a valuable outdoor experience, the overnight program also serves as an introduction to the grade 5 trip to Hornby Island in September.

While combining the Unit of Inquiry, ‘Living things need to adapt in order to survive’, with outdoor experiences, the students participated in a variety of outdoor crafts, games, activities and co-operative tasks. The day ended with a campfire complete with ‘songs, chants and stories’. By the end of the day everyone was ready for a well-deserved night of rest.

Throughout the adventure, students were supervised by Ms. Elgie, Mme. DeJong and Mr. Cicchine. Everyone spent the night indoor camping in the school, boys in the Grade 5 classroom and girls in the Grade 4 classroom. On Saturday morning, everyone was up by 7:00 am ready for an early morning hike before breakfast. Students were reunited with their parents by 9:00 am on Saturday with new experiences and stories to share.

Ms.Elgie, Mme. DeJong and Mr. Cicchine were pleased with the attitude, effort and behaviour of all of the students and hope to be able to continue with the Grade 4 Outdoor Adventure next year.

-Mr. R. Cicchine