Aspengrove’s annual Fun Run and Chat with Children’s events took place on Saturday at the school. Look at all those happy faces – what a wonderful event! Students ran over obstacles, through mounds of bubbles and around the course, all pushing themselves – in some cases for more 5km! Thank you to Mrs. van Wamel for her inspiration and leadership in creating the run – and a thriving PYP running program.

Thank you also to soon-to-be-graduating student Ashley Marshall who originally created the Chat with Children’s event as part of her IB Action work, inspired by her own experience with BC Children’s Hospital. The importance of Ashley and friends sharing their life-changing experiences is one more example of what a wonderful community we are all a part of at Aspengrove.

Together the events raised more than $350 for the BC Children’s Hospital, while also raising spirits amongst our very happy group of students and parents.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers and participants who together made this this wonderful event possible for our community. As always, Aspengrove wouldn’t be the same without you!