Aspengrove School has a strong and thriving Ultimate Frisbee program. In addition to competing and travelling as a school team, they join forces with staff members in a local community league as well.

Today, however, it was student vs. teacher in the annual grudge match on the upper field. With the bulk of the staff afraid of the competition busy supervising, the game was played as a four-on-four format that the teachers felt would allow them to use their superior conditioning experience to their advantage. 

The teachers were observed to do a few things like this (OK, this is EVERY SINGLE shot we got like this):

While the students pretty much always did this:

But, let’s face it, most of the teachers’ game looked like this:










The official final score of the match was something like “a-whole-lot to not-much” in favour of the younger team. But it’s not about wins and losses – it’s about celebrating community, a growing successful sport at Aspengrove – and having a lot of fun together.

And on that note, it’s important to mention that at halftime the game was paused for a special acknowledgment of graduating team Captain Lesley Hill – athlete, artist, academic – and sewer of the finest team shorts around!


Congratulations to all the players for putting on a great show for all of us!


Too-scared-to-play Your intrepid reporter.