On Saturday evening the school gym was filled to capacity with members of the Aspengrove Community celebrating the building of our new Athletic and Activity Centre and the public launch of the Building on Success Campaign to fund the construction of this important new facility.

Mrs. Kingstone announced the campaign – and the $800,000+ in cash and pledges already received thanks to 100% of our Board making commitments to the project along with members of the Aspengrove Faculty. With a final goal of $3.0 million, we are already more than a quarter of the way there and we are confident of success! She also let the community know that the shovel will go in the ground this Spring to begin construction.

The gym was transformed into an elegant space fit for the occasion thanks to Aspengrove Alumni Parent Mrs. Anu Mayer, and the event catered with outstanding food by the Coco Cafe. We are very thankful to Aspengrove’s “Ravenous Jazz” Band who played throughout the cocktail hour. They played with such professionalism one can only wonder what heights they will soar to when they move into the new Music Facility being constructed as part of this new Building. Thank you Mrs. Mont and band members for your contribution.

After dinner, Mrs. Kingstone led a panel of speakers who shared their thoughts on the Aspengrove experience, what is special about the school for them and how this new building will impact our community. Aspengove Founder, current parent and Board member Mr. Anthony Ciammaichella talked about why he had made a gift towards the new project and how it will be a completion of his vision Рand the beginning of a new phase for Aspengrove. Student Meghan Saunders spoke about why she involves herself in every opportunity the school offers from academics to athletics and the arts and the important place the new Centre will have in elevating that experience for students. Finally, Mr. Rick Cicchine, our Athletic Director, spoke about our students as the heart of the school and how important this new building will be for them as well.

We will have video of the speakers in the next week, so please check back.