Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about the building and the campaign

Why an Athletic and Activity Centre?

Simply put – because our parents and our students asked for it. When we did our community survey as part of the Building on Success Strategic Plan it was the most-indicated need for the school. 

While there is a gym at its core, actually it’s much more than an athletic centre. It will provide a much-needed home for our music program in two classrooms that can also be used as a single large gathering space. We will host performances and gatherings  bringing us together in community. 

How much do we need to raise?

$3 Million

We are well on our way and we invite you to join us so that we can reach our goal. The building will cost more, with a budget of $6 million, but without your support and the raising of at least half of the total budget we will not be able to complete the project.

How can I help?

You can help by making a pledge or a gift in support of the building. There are lots of ways to do this and all gifts, large or small, will make a real difference. Your gift can even be made over five years so that you can make a bigger impact over time. 

Make your gift now.

When will the build begin? When will it be done?

Site preparation has already begun and we are expecting construction to begin at the beginning of April, and the new building to be open in early 2020.

We have submitted our application for the building permit. It is expected to take eight or more weeks to be approved. 

In any case – if you are a student in our current grade 11 class, you will get a chance to enjoy the new Athletic Centre when it completes during the coming school year! This really is a project for all students.

How many families will you be asking for support?

Everyone! We would love to see 100% of the Aspengrove community – current families, staff members and alumni – make a gift in support of this our first permanent building. While not everyone will have the resources to make the same gift, we will truly appreciate each and every gift no matter how large or small.