Support the Building on Success Campaign for the New Athletic and Activity Centre

Every gift counts - no matter how large or how small.

Ways to Give

There are many ways that you can make a gift to Aspengrove School and help us realize the new Athletic and Activity Centre. Consider these opportunities:


Pledges – Maximize Your Gift Over 4-5 years

Most people contributing to the new Athletic and Activity Centre choose to do so through a pledge. Your commitment to a larger gift, paid over time, makes the greatest impact today. You might even choose to be recognized through one of our many naming opportunities that can be secured through a pledge today.

You may contact a member of our Advancement team by calling the school or complete the pledge form here and either drop if off or send it in to the school.

Naming Opportunities

Naming Opportunities are spaces in the building, from individual classrooms to the gym itself and even specific courts in the gym recognize families who have made a significant family commitment to the new Athletic and Activity Centre. A plaque in place will recognize the gift and become a legacy for those individuals who have made this space possible for everyone. 

Gifts of Securities

Every individual gift to the Athletic and Activity Centre will be eligible for a tax receipt but if you hold publicly traded securities and are in a position with significant capital gains you can save even more by making a gift of securities directly to the school. Learn more about making Gifts of Securities.

Monthly Giving
Monthly Giving can make a substantial impact over time. For a large capital project like the new Athletic and Activity Centre you can choose to make a pledge to the campaign that will be paid through a monthly contribution. A smaller gift could make a large impact. For example:

  • $50 per month = $3,000 over a five-year campaign
  • A $5,000 pledge can be made for $84 per month
  • A $10,000 pledge can be made for $170 per month

Consider maximizing your family’s impact for all Aspengrove Students by making a pledge to be paid in monthly installments.

Make a Gift Online Today

You can make a gift today to support the new Athletic and Activity Centre. The School is incurring significant costs today to prepare for construction tomorrow. Your gift will make an immediate impact.

Bond Donations

Many families have chosen to make a substantial gift to the school that could end up costing them very little when their children graduate.

The bond is money you won’t have back until your child(ren) leave Aspengrove but by donating it today you receive a tax receipt you can use this year. Those tax savings can be invested and grow to replace a great deal of what you chose to donate by the time your child(ren) leave Aspengove.