Aspengrove School’s curriculum is designed to develop the whole child. We apply the curriculum of the International Baccalaureate Programme, one of the world’s most rigorous and highly esteemed education programmes.

Individual attention is at the core of Aspengrove’s curriculum. Through regular communication and ongoing assessment by teachers, a child’s learning profile and specific needs are identified.  We set enrichment goals and address areas for academic support, we then review the plan throughout the year.


Academic Courses

Core Academic Subjects

  • Language arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social studies
  • Art
  • Science
  • Computer studies
  • Second language instruction

Performing Arts

  • Choral instruction
  • Music theory
  • Instrumental (from Kindergarten and up)
  • Drama
  • Dance (also incorporated into physical education)
  • Performance skills

Physical Education

  • Skills development
  • Fitness
  • Healthy lifestyle education
  • Community recreation (e.g. swimming, skating, gymnastics, tennis etc.)

Outdoor Education

  • Outdoor leadership (Grade 8 and 9 only)
  • Wilderness safety
  • Basic understanding of risk management
  • Yearly camp (Grade 5 and up)
  • Exploration of local wilderness areas
  • Environmental awareness

Community Service (examples of past projects)

  • Linley Valley and school site broom eradication
  • Linley Valley boardwalk building
  • Malaspina College-Festival of Trees (library fundraiser)
  • Mexican Schools Project
  • Zimbabwe Project
  • Vancouver Island Marmot Recovery
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