International Baccalaureate Philosophy

International Baccalaureate is a curriculum and diploma developed in the 1960s by educators from around the globe. The IB gives students a truly international education and prepares them for universities around the world. The programme encourages a spirit of inquiry, where students don’t merely memorize knowledge; they construct it on their own by asking ‘why’ and ‘how.’

The IB has become one of the world’s most highly esteemed education programmes. It is offered in more than 2,000 schools around the world. Aspengrove is fully accredited as an International Baccalaureate World School for their Primary Years (Jr. Kindergarten-Grade 5) and Middle Years (Grade 6-10) Programmes which places Aspengrove as one of only twelve (12) schools across Canada to receive the prestigious IB World School designation.  For more information, go to

What does leading education expert Sir Ken Robinson think of IB?


More information for parents

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.01.43 AMThe IBO has published a great resource explaining the IB, how to support children in an B programme, IB and university and much more.



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