Staff, parents, and students regularly express that Aspengrove’s greatest asset is its sense of community. This starts with our dedicated staff.
Aspengrove School’s teachers bring passion, knowledge, care and fun into their classrooms, inspiring their students to learn and grow as scholars, inventors, entrepreneurs, artists, and leaders.  Teachers encourage curiosity, creativity and risk-taking across all subjects and encourage students to build on their strengths and explore their challenges. Every student at Aspengrove is known and loved. Our small classes, advisories and homeroom structures allow teachers to create meaningful relationships with students (and their families!) that last well beyond their Aspengrove journey.


Head of School Mark Pierotti
Principal & MYP Coordinator (Middle & Senior Years) Carrie Turunen
Principal, Junior Years Susan Riordan
Director of Athletics Jill Hutchison
Director of Student Resources Centre Trish Felszegi
University Guidance Jenn Nahrgang
Director of Finance Beth Carter
Finance Administrator Liz Simard
Marketing Emma Wassmer
Executive Assistant to Head of School/ HR Administrator Kim Spice
Director of Admissions & Advancement Nicole Carpenter
Registrar/Admissions Administrator Ashley Toste
Early Learning Centre Director Alison Strobl
Student Resource Teacher Crystal Graham
Student Resource Centre (SRC) Learning Resource Teacher Barb Gemma
Student Resource Centre (SRC) Learning Resource Teacher Lynsey Taylor
Student Resource Centre (SRC) Educational Assistant Emma Cox
Learning Support Assistant Ying Li
Junior Kindergarten Lead Educator Jessica McRae
Junior Kindergarten Lead Educator Yuko Ishii
Junior Kindergarten Support Lauren Kite
Junior Kindergarten Support Kate Young
Junior Kindergarten Specialist Andrea Meadows
Junior Kindergarten Specialist Azia Thomas
Full Day Program Supervisor Maria MacNeil
K-5 OSC Support Michael Sutherland
Junior Kindergarten PE Yuko Ishii
Junior Kindergarten Visual Arts & Drama Andrea Meadows
Junior Kindergarten Music & French (4 Year Olds) Cathryn Gunn
Outdoor Education Maria MacNeil
English Language Learner (ELL) Coordinator, P.H.E (Gr. 7) Angela Nixon
Kindergarten Sarah Vincent
Grade 1 Nicole Grey & Holly Dowker
Grade 2 Rachel Speager
Grade 3 Manon Van Wamel
Grade 4 Heather Mortimer
Grade 5 Erin Zimmer
Library Nicole McDaid
Language Acquisition – French (Gr. 8-12) Bertin Bahati
Primary Years PE (Jr K-Gr. 5) Trenton Dean
French (Gr. 3-6) Kristina DeJong
Language & Literature (Gr. 6) Nicole McDaid
Individuals & Societies (Gr. 6), French (Gr. 7), Language & Literature (Gr. 8-9), Career Education (Gr. 10) J.O. Eriksson
Math (Gr. 6), Advisory (Gr. 6), Individuals & Societies (Gr. 6) Andrea Godfrey
P.H.E. (Gr. 6, 8-10), Advisory (Gr. 9) Luke Holmes
Visual Arts (Gr. 6-10, 12) Alexandria Sherlock
Music (Jr K-Gr.4), French (Jr K & KG-Gr. 2, Gr. 4) Cathryn Gunn
Design (Gr. 6-9), Language & Literature (Gr. 7) Teresa Healy
Math (7-8, 10-12), Math AA, Advisory (Gr. 10) Mark Johnson
Advisory (Gr. 6), Science (6-8), DP Biology (Gr. 11-12) Norm Kaethler
Music (Gr. 5-9), Performing Arts 10 Lisa Martens
University Guidance, Advisory 12, Literature & Language (Gr. 10) Jenn Nahrgang
DP Coordinator, Chemistry 11&12, Advisory 12, Robert Ohly
Spanish (Gr. 11-12) Julia Ohly
Advisory (Gr. 8), Societies (Gr. 9-10), Geography 11 Natasha Parsons
Science (Gr. 9-10), Physics (Gr. 11-12), Advisory (Gr. 9), IB Diploma TOK (Gr. 11-12) David Riendl
Societies (Gr. 9-10), History (Gr. 11-12), Psychology (Gr. 12), Extended Essay, Advisory (Gr. 11), IB Diploma TOK (Gr. 11-12) Michael Vincent
Math (Gr. 8 – 12), Math AI, DP Creativity, Action, Service, Advisory (Gr. 11) Andrea Wyness
Educational Assistant Wendy Swanton
Facilities Manager Don Simard
Facilities Manager Assistant Dean Simard
Lead Bus Driver Don Middleton
Bus Driver Dan Hetherington

 “Having taught at Aspengrove School for 13 years now, I consider AGS to be a significant part of my identity.  I love working with colleagues who are my friends, whom I respect for their passion, authenticity, and dedication.  I love being at a young school that is an evolving and expanding community.  And of course, most importantly, the amazing students who make coming to work every day exciting, rewarding, and fun!  I have met so many wonderful young people at Aspengrove.  It has been exciting to see where they end up going and what they end up doing in the world.   The sense of community is what makes Aspengrove School so unique.”

Mike Vincent

Senior History & Psychology Teacher

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