Meet our Head of School: Jo-Anne Kingstone

We are very pleased to welcome back our Jo-Anne Kingstone as our Head of School.

A broad range of experience informs Jo-Anne’s (Jo’s) current work as a coach and facilitator for leaders, teams, and organizations seeking to build their capacity and advance their strategic objectives. She brings her expertise in operations and program design, change management, strategic understanding, design and facilitation, team and leadership development, workplace culture, and community engagement to a range of programs offerings that engage for- and not-for-profit small businesses and associations.

Jo’s 35 year journey working and leading in schools has confirmed that relationships live at the core of work–regardless of the organization. And powerful relationships between people, possibilities and purpose provide the foundation for community and organizational strength and permanence.

Aside from her daily routine of running forest trails and drinking good coffee, Jo continues to be driven by the singular mantra “Only connect” (E.M.Forster, Howard’s End).

And this is where it all starts.

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