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It’s easy to learn about Aspengrove School. You can browse this website and get a feel for the school, and we encourage you to do just that. But there’s nothing better than coming and seeing the school in action and walking into one of our classrooms to see a room full of happy students engaged in their learning. If you’d like to schedule a visit, we would welcome you at your convenience. 

 An Aspengrove education is accessible to you wherever you are. We run buses in Nanaimo and nearby communities and are committed to extending service to any area with interest. We currently host students from several countries in our family boarding program and have recently extended this program to students in local Vancouver Island and British Columbia communities. So if you live in Comox, Port Alberni, or anywhere else there is interest in an independent school offering an IB education, we would love to hear from you. You could be only a bus ride away, or interested in a 4-night boarding homestay where your child can stay from Monday-Thursday nights with another Aspengrove family and get the full benefit of an Aspengrove education.

Why Aspengrove?

Our parents told us the top reasons they chose Aspengrove for their childrens' education.

Can we meet?

See all the days and places you can visit with us - at the School or in your community.

Make Aspengrove your School

It’s Possible Wherever You Live

  • Our 40-acre campus is easily accessible off the Island Highway in Lantzville.
  • We run buses locally – and if you are interested in a bus we’re ready to make it happen. Port Alberni, Comox, Cowichan, Ladysmith. Aspengrove is accessible to you.
  • 4-night Family Boarding. Live with another Aspengrove Family from Monday to Friday – they will welcome you into their home and into our school.
  • 7-day Family Boarding. If your home is too far to make weekly commuting easy you can join our 7-day family boarding program. We have students from China, Japan, Mexico, France and other countries. But we welcome Canadian students into Family Boarding as well. 

Learn more when we visit your community

Can we meet?

See all the days and places you can visit with us - at the School or in your community.

Schedule a Visit

The best way to learn what’s happening here is to see it for yourself in action. You’ll see happy, engaged students who enjoy coming to school and support each other every day. 

Please get in touch using the form below and we will arrange a visit, or call 250-390-2201 or

Aspengrove provides our children with a better education, without question. They have become great thinkers, always asking questions that surprise us with their thoughtfulness and depth.

Wendy Alexander