School Supplies

Items you will need in September

We have compiled a list of all the things you will need to get started at Aspengrove in September.  Other things could come up during the year depending on specific class activities and extra-curriculars you choose; however, this should be all you need to come in and enjoy your first days and weeks.

JrK – Grade 5

PYP Students

The school provides all needed school supplies for all primary years program (PYP) students. Teachers compile everything that is needed and they will be waiting for your child on the first day. 

If your child really wants their own pencil case, and various small supplies they are welcome to have them but we recommend you wait a few days to get a feel for the class before purchasing anything.

There are a few things you can still grab in back to school shopping.

A Carabiner

Grades 3 -5 will need a Carabiner. They will all have lockers but we don’t lock them. We don’t need to. But the Carabiner keeps the door closed and as you’ll see, reflects a fun piece of the school culture.

Younger students all have cubbies and a safe place to keep their things.

Lunch Kit

We try to encourage litterless lunches as much as possible. Reuseable containers for snacks and lunch are helpful or students.

Running Shoes for outdoor use

Please have an extra set of shoes to keep at school. We try to get kids outside as much as possible and don’t want to track dirt into the classes.

All you will need is a single carabiner. Over the course of a school year, it may collect a few ‘friends.’ 


Although you’ll have classroom shoes most of the day do bring a pair of running shoes to leave at school. We spend lots of time outdoors.


MYP and DP

Grades 6-12


Grade 6&7 List

Grades 8 – 10

Grades 11 & 12 list

In addition, Aspengrove has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program for technology. Please refer to this document – which contains information on technology for all grades.

The supplies need vary by grade in the MYP and DP programs. Please consult the lists on the left. 


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