Aspengrove Uniforms

A guide for parents and students
Cambridge UniformsUsed Uniform Items

The school uniform can be purchased new through Cambridge Uniforms. You can order direct from them, and they also hold a fitting session at the School in late June each year.  To ensure that you receive your uniform before the school year begins, we encourage all families to purchase uniform by July 15th. Please see the information letter on how to place orders as well as the return/exchange form.

Formal Uniform

Mondays & Special Occasions

Kindergarten 4 to Grade 4

long grey dress pants, black leather belt & sweater vest OR tartan tunic

white oxford dress shirt

school tie (not JrK)

grey or black socks

flat or low-heeled black leather dress shoes

crested fleece

Grades 5 to 12

crested blazer

long grey dress pants, black leather belt OR tartan kilt (no more than 2” above the knee)

white oxford dress shirt

school tie

sweater vest (optional when wearing blazer)

grey or black socks (NOT white) / grey knee high socks or grey tights

flat or low-heeled black leather dress shoes

*JrK 3 & 4 students have no formal uniform (casual/PE uniform) only

JrK – Grade 4 students formal uniforms include sweater vest and grey pants or the one piece tunic. Both are worn with white shirt, tie and black shoes (tie not required for JrK).

For grade 5 -12 the blazer is added to the uniform and the tunic exchanged for a kilt. The sweater vest remains an option for cool days.

Casual Uniform

Tuesday – Friday

The casual uniform is the same for all grades.

khaki pants or shorts with black leather belt OR navy skort OR Kilt

white or navy polo Aspengrove crested shirt

grey, black or white socks / grey or white knee high socks OR grey tights with skort or Kilt

flat or low-heeled black leather dress shoes or solid black athletic shoes (no colours or logos)

crested fleece

long sleeved crested sweater

Black Aspengrove athletic teams hoodie
(ordered annually through PE department by team participants only)

GRADES 8 – 12

** Black crested track suit jacket **

Black crested hoodie (hood down indoors)

The casual uniform includes Khakis (short or long)  with the option to wear the kilt as well. Polo shirts replace the formal white shirt and there are options for staying warm that include the crested fleece.

If you played on a school team, once a year there is an option to order the athletic hoodie. 

PE Uniform

For all Gym classes

grey crested sweatshirt or athletic hoodie

crested T-shirt, house T-Shirt, or AGS sports team apparel

grey crested track pants or black crested shorts

grey or white plain socks

appropriate athletic shoes

Grades 8 – 12

Black crested track suit jacket

Black crested hoodie

Black yoga pants or running tights, or black athletic shorts of an appropriate length.



please note: PE classes take advantage of the outdoor campus frequently, rain or shine. Although there is no uniform wet-weather attire, students must be prepared to go outside.

There are plenty of options for PE uniform, including almost any Aspengrove t-shirt, such as this Oak house shirt. Black athletic tights of any kind are one of the options as well.

The grey sweatshirt is one option in PE class options for staying warm. 

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