Why Aspengrove?

Aspengrove School is a leading independent school in Lantzville, BC for students in junior kindergarten through grade 12. We teach the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, providing a challenging and inspiring education to over 300 students that prepares them for the challenges of a post-secondary school.

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Thank you for coming to learn more about Aspengrove School. As an independent school of over 300 students from junior kindergarten all the way through to graduation in grade 12, Aspengrove is a leading option for the education of young people in Nanaimo and Central Vancouver Island. 

Here we look at the question “Why Aspengrove” that so many families consider in their journey to find the best education for their children. There are a lot of reasons for looking to an independent school, and Aspengrove in particular, for your children’s education. We surveyed our community recently and here are the top reasons that families chose Aspengrove. 

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Come and visit Aspengrove. There is no better way than to see the campus and to get a feel for the culture of the school. We think you’ll be amazed when you walk down the halls and see classrooms full of young people engaged in their learning backed by passionate, supportive teachers guiding them.

#1 An Education That Will
Challenge and Inspire

It’s the number one reason that families choose Aspengrove. It also happens to be the number one reason that people choose to send their children to independent schools across North America. Above all else, we want our children to be in an academic and extra-curricular setting that will challenge and inspire them to reach a level of personal excellence. 

From the youngest junior kindergarten students to our graduating grade 12 students in theInternational Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program students are working together with their classmates and teachers in a challenging academic program with the support needed to succeed. The  IB curriculum is a gold standard in education today, preparing students for the next step they take as they move on to their post-secondary and later careers.  

#2 Develop a Love for Learning

When you take your child to school for their first day of Kindergarten or even Junior Kindergarten, what did you wish for them? If you are like so many of our parents, you hoped that they would develop a real love for learning, so that every day at school became an inspiring experience, so that they would engage deeply in their school experience to get everything possible out of it and to become a lifelong learner. Teachers like David Reindl in the video to the right inspire students just like yours. He built a computer monitor with his students that could only be viewed wearing special glasses to inspire them to learn more about polarising light, for example. And in his spare time outside of school he shares his passion for Ultimate Frisbee.  David is just one example; look in every Aspengrove classroom and you’ll see teachers inspiring their students to develop a lifelong love for learning.

#3 The International
Baccalaureate Curriculum

At Aspengrove we teach the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. The IB will both challenge and inspire a love of learning in an environment that emphasizes the development of the whole child: academic, artistic, athletic, socially and emotionally. Universities recognize the strength of the IB and it not only helps students gain admission, it prepares them for success when they get to their post-secondary education. IB courses can be recognized for university credit as well; you’ll arrive with a head start.

No other school in our area is authorized to teach IB and it is respected around the world. In fact, of the thousands of schools worldwide teaching the IB, only 12 in all of Canada are certified as continuum schools: able to teach IB to students from junior K through to graduation in grade 12. Aspengrove is one of them.

#4 Classes where students are known as individuals

At Aspengrove our teachers have time to work with and support each student as an individual. The IB curriculum that we teach works best when students are known as learners. In addition, we take full advantage of our intimate learning environment to deliver innovative curricula in powerful way.

At the heart of everything though is the passionate teacher who cares about her craft and her students and goes above and beyond to present a rich educational experience for each of them. In the video to the right, Matthew tells us about his grade 4 teacher, Ms Elgie, and how she supports her students in the classroom – and outside the school in places like the local hockey rink as well.

You have seen the top four reasons that families come to Aspengrove. But there are many more reasons. If you have seen enough and would like to schedule a visit to come and see the school, please fill out the form on the right.

If you’d like to learn more, please read on. We take a look at several more reasons for choosing Aspengrove below.

Learn more or schedule a visit today

We would be happy to answer any questions you have and would love to host you for a visit – there’s no better way to see if Aspengrove is right for your children than to see our happy, engaged students in action!

More Reasons to Consider Aspengrove

Social Emotional Development

The lessons go well beyond traditional three Rs of a classroom as positive relationships and emotional development are fostered at every turn in a school that is more community than workplace. 

University Preparation

The IB is quite simply the best preparation for university, the ‘gold standard’ in education today. Students can arrive in their post-secondary school with credits already earned and they have the skills to succeed. Universities recognize the power of IB and reward students in the admission process.

100% of Aspengrove graduates are admitted to a post-secondary school of their choice backed by our experienced University Guidance department who support students and their families every step of the way in their journey to find the right school for the next step in their education. 

An Independent School Education – Without Leaving Home

You don’t have to leave home by going away to boarding school to get a great independent school education. As an Aspengrove student, you can stay on your favourite team, dance in a local studio and hang out with friends at home after school and on the weekend. You can get the full value of a leading independent school right here in Nanaimo without leaving behind the life that is important to you at home. You will have the support of an experienced independent school staff guiding your education at school, backed by your family at home in the most important years of your education.

In fact, you’ll do all that while experiencing the power of an IB education that isn’t available at any boarding school in Western Canada.

Supportive Classmates

Quite simply, it’s cool to do well at Aspengrove. Your classmates want to see you succeed in our culture of learning and personal achievement.

#1 Ranked

The Fraser Institute rankings are far from perfect, but we are still proud of the results of our students year in and year out that put us atop the rankings in our area.

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