A small crop of five aspen trees sits to the left of the main drive as you enter the Aspengrove School campus in honour of our five founding families.

Why The Aspen?

In naming our school Aspengrove, our founders made a very deliberate choice in the Aspen tree as our symbol.

The aspen is one of the world’s strongest trees and is one of the first to re-establish in a major disaster such as a wildfire. The aspen has an extensive root structure and their nutrients come through the parent tree’s root system into the immature saplings. This allows the sapling to grow very quickly and to grow apart from the parent tree while maintaining an unseen attachment that promotes the new tree’s strength and vigour. It is this symbol to which we aspire as a community.

Like the aspen we, at Aspengrove, are committed to providing our children with the roots to thrive through a strong, nurturing environment. We will support them in their growth and development and endeavour to provide them with an unseen but internalized moral code of conduct which will promote community awareness, respect for their environment, and the beings that live within that environment, and a love of learning and exploration.

Also, like the aspen, we are committed to taking this journey as a community. We recognize that the interconnectedness of our school family, the greater community we live in, and the world community as a whole is a great source of resources and potential that can benefit everyone. We have created a system of families, teachers, students, and a community who working together, will support each child to achieve her or his full potential, and provide them with the roots to ground them in security and well-being and the wings to achieve their dreams.

This is our Dream

This is our Commitment

This is Aspengrove.

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